After Ackerman/black and white revisited

After Ackerman/black and white revisited

The recent concentration on black and white images has seen me return to my library of photo books. In particular Michel Ackerman, of whose books I have two and almost a print, but that’s another story.
I am sure if most people went through their picture collection they would come up with a few images that resemble his style work. I know I have a lot that have a similar look. But there is a huge gap between what I do and what he does. The major difference being that he is doing it purposely where as I’m getting similar style images by accident. And then there is the editing, yep it’s all in what you select to show.
I’ve been to the two Ackerman exhibitions held in Berlin. Of the two I preferred End Times City, although I did like the stuff he did with Benjamin Smoke, but then I am also a big fan of the late Benjamin Smoke. But the revisiting of black and white photography has been more than a little educational, as well as timely. I remember past instances where I came home from shooting pictures excited and full of anticipation, only to be disappointed when the results appeared on the screen. It seems I should have investigated the potential of in black and white in more than a few of the ones that disappointed me, it may have made me happier.
The revision has cleared up a few nagging doubts about border line images that I liked but others didn’t, because it has become painfully obvious that I was looking past the colour, but my audience was not. These pictures should have been in monochrome. I desaturated over two hundred digital negs today with the vast majority presenting more than acceptable results.
I’m very happy with today’s efforts, disappointed that I didn’t do it much earlier, but better late than never.

50mm, f2.2, 1/6sec, ISO 400


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