truth can never be an absolute

truth can never be an absolute

Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, a quote from Pablo Picasso, which begs the question, is this in fact true?
I, for one, doubt it, but it’s well known I’m a cynic.
Someone else said truth is whatever works for you at the time, which is more in my line of understanding the world I live in. Here is an odd thing: if you Google truth is whatever works for you at the time, looking for the author, you get a site with a homily masquerading as pseudo intelligent argument on why there is such a thing as absolute truth, despite what common sense might suggest.
But truth is something to think and talk about on a cold winter’s evening when the power is out and watching the candles begins to pall as a communal activity. Because truth has been a scarce commodity for a very long time, if in fact it is something that ever existed.
Now there’s a thought, what if there is no such thing as truth, that truth in fact is a myth, and what would be the consequences if such a thing was true.
In truth I would expect there wouldn’t be any real ramifications, for as a species we’ve made it this far, and have maybe another few centuries left before the world’s wheels fall of.
So I guess there is such a thing as a final truth, it is that everything ends, as does this ramble.

The top photo was made with a Canon G12, while the bottom was shot with a canon AE1 Program using Fuji Superia film


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