Alt Berliner Kneipe

No one ever accused Berlin of being a pretty city, nor a readily welcoming city, because Berlin was always unique in Germany.

But things change, are renewed, made modern although not everybody is happy with the changes.

I like progress, the endless thrust forward into the future I find destructively renewing but I can’t say a positive word about the current trend of architecture in the New Berlin. An unrelenting line of boxes have begun to dominate the skyline, boxes trying so hard to be minimalistically chic which has turned an ugly but interesting city into a city gleamingly unlovely in a modernist packing-carton way. It would be too easy to blame the architects for the banality but they are only serving their paymasters, who hopefully are just slaves to the modernist fashion of trite.

In the end the city will look like a memorial to the banality of right angles, a vast dead zone ideally constructed for control of public dissent. The troublesome capital Hitler hated will soon be remade in the military model of uniform buildings butted up to easily accessible streets. Streets too wide for the make-shift barricades of revolt, but perfect for crowd control, vehicles and military stratagems.

Call me a cynic, but I’ve always lacked faith in the benign nature of power.


85mm, f2.8, 1/160, ISO400.


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