Rural Idyll

What surprises me about Berlin is the amount of waterways in such a land-locked city. Today was going to be nasty in the afternoon, which meant it was perfect for a short boat trip around Tegeler See in the morning.

The school holidays have just begun and when I saw these youths fishing and doing what children have always done, I was reminded of idyllic rural settings done by the English painter John Constable, as well as a few Norman Rockwell’s drawings of perfect small town life in America.

I knew what I wanted from this picture before it was loaded into the computer. I was after an effect, an impression in opposition to an accurate recording, which is what a photograph does best. Reaching into Photoshop’s bag of tricks I finally settled on the crosshatch option from brush strokes in the Filter gallery to render the crisp, realist-painting look without making the effect overly obvious.

I think this picture will look better as a print than it will on the computer monitor, but only seeing a print will tell the truth of this observation and I am still sourcing a good printing shop.


85mm, f7, 1/320sec, ISO100


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