Portrait in Another Country

I have often posted stitched pictures, pans, whatever the terminology one wants to use, but most of the time they are architectural pictures. Buildings are easy to photograph as they are usually compliant, don’t move suddenly, and unless they are a military installation you don’t need to ask the building for permission. People are different for the simple reason that the above do not apply. Doing pans (for want of a better term) with people in closed spaces is usually as difficult as it gets, but today we thought an extra degree of difficulty would make things interesting.

Today’s picture was an informal shoot in Another Country Bookshop in Berlin, where I am a regular. The chaos of chairs and books coupled with the problem of out-of-focus strait lines would be difficult for the software under perfect conditions, but today we were all short of time and although enthusiastic, I was ill prepared.

This one picture contains twenty-nine combined individual frames and as I hadn’t thought of bringing a tripod, the camera was handheld. I set the camera on manual, the aperture to f1.8, the shutter speed to 1/100sec to minimize blur and the ISO to automatic.

Like all pans it needed a little fiddling with to correct minor aberrations, but what you see is what the software rendered. There are still one or two lines that aren’t perfect and I could fuss forever over the image making it perfect but it would be much easier to simply reshoot under optimum conditions.

What needs to be clearly understood is that while this room width could easily be replicated with a wide-angle lens, the shallow depth of field and the straight lines of the bookshelves would then all distort and the idea is to have a picture that meets the eye as it sees the world.


85mm, f1.8, 1/100, average ISO 800asa


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