Slaughtering the Innocent to Punish the Guilty

It’s a time of strife, trouble, war and death, and that’s only in the developed world so what’s it like in the rest of the planet?

Most years it’s only the media having a slow news month, but now we have civilian planes being shot out of the sky, rockets killing civilians, military aircraft killing civilian, the safest place to be it seems is in the military, because nobody’s shooting at them.

It isn’t a new phenomenon, killing the innocent to punish the guilty is as old as human civilization, the wonder of it is, that some people still think that there can be such a thing as a just war.

Monuments to killing and glorifying death is a national pastime in most countries, although the drums of war usually leads to profits for a few and the slaughter of many, it’s the many who go willingly to the slaughter with a patriotic song on their lips and faith in their hearts.

Odd when you think about it. We build monuments to what we fear yet spurn, brutalize, ridicule and ostracize those who question the leaders who nudge, push and cajole us into wars of despair.

The picture was shot in Tiergarten in Berlin, where there are a lot of military statues. Some heroic, some sad, all are about loss, even as they glorify struggle.

The narrow depth of field was achieved by using the iris filter in Photoshop, it helps make the statue look more heroic than it does in reality.


50mm, f9, 1/30sec, ISO100


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