Alcohol and its benefits to Photography.

A major problem with taking pictures in the street is the fear of how people will react to having their picture taken by some unknown stranger. As I have written before, I live by the rule that everybody I photograph should know I am taking their picture, but this is often a very hard rule to follow.

Today’s picture was shot late night on a bus. One of many shots taken,  it isn’t either the best nor the worst picture taken this particular alcohol fueled evening. What it does demonstrate is that being a little drunk can lead to a few interesting pictures, although they are not as interesting as I had thought they were when I shot them. But booze can eliminate fear, which means waving a large camera around in a crowded late-night bus may not always have negative results.

There were more than one unhappy glaring looks, but manners prevailed and like the crazy person raving to himself in the corner, most tried stoically to ignore me.

Others, as you can see, saw the humour.


85mm, f1.8, 1/80sec, ISO10,000.


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