Elevated View from The Reichstag

Today has been a lazy easy day in the park, eating, chatting with friends, and enjoying the fine weather while we have it. This naturally translates into not doing much with the camera, consequently today’s picture is from yesterday.

If you have a yen to shoot a couple of pictures overlooking Berlin then the Reichstag is as good a spot as you will find. Not only is the building itself photogenic but the view is impressive, and entry is free (although you have to book a couple of days in advance). I like to go there every few years to see how the Berlin skyline is evolving. I usually shoot a few panoramas because memory is such a slippery thing and it’s easier and more accurate to compare photographs than it is to compare memories.

This picture was shot around eight in the evening with the sun beginning to disappear beyond the horizon on the opposite side of my point of view, which gave great colours in the sky and an even spread of light over the city.


It took ten pictures to make this panorama stitch.




24-70mm, f5, 1/125sec, ISO100


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