Triariis Bello Occisis

Ok, I like irony as well as things being in places where they no longer should be. This statue by Hans Dammann is a memorial from the First World War for the Officers of the Berlin Reserve Landwehr Corps who died during that “conflict”.

At one stage in the city’s history it would have been the perfect place for such a statue as the site was a center for many of the officer elite, but time has a habit of undermining the plans and dreams of men.

Located at the back entrance of Bahnhof Zoo it sits across the road from the Museum für Fotografie und Helmut Newton Stiftung. This building was originally a casino and the home of Reserve Landwehr Corps, which is why they placed the statue where they did.

Today the statue stands defiantly beside a major dormitory and free food station for Berlin’s homeless, and is no more saluted by passing, smartly dressed officers. Made of bronze it will continue to be ignored for many years as weather, neglect and bird droppings slowly erode metal that was once a symbol of pride to the arrogant military mindset that marched the country into two disastrous world wars.

24-70mm, f7.1, 1/80sec, ISO200


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