Just Complaining

Today’s post is a bit of a complaint about the diminishing amount of cultural places that will remain open in Berlin over the next few years. While I was in Indonesia I often yearned for large modern galleries where I could sit for hours and contemplate history through the medium of art and so I eagerly paid €100 for a yearly museum card, he value of which is being eroded weekly. Very soon most of the Pergamon, including the most crucial part will be closed for five to six years while renovations are effected.

The New National Gallery will also be closed for three years at the end of 2014, thereby dramatically reducing what is on offer for the denizens of Berlin.

All in all I’ve been very disappointed by the exhibitions offered throughout the city, and with city fathers who are taking advantage of the massive onslaught of tourists ready to pay inflated entry prices to scalp everybody they can.

Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit may think it cool to think of Berlin as being poor but sexy, but it’s another matter to be uncultured, greedy and grasping. At the moment it costs €12 to enter the much reduced Pergamon Museum, more than it did a few years ago when all the antiquities were there. Add up long waiting times (my card gets me straight in, but tourists had to wait two to three hours) with the overpricing and we are approaching grifter territory.

We didn’t see this sort of price gouging even during the 2006 World Cup.

The intention of this shoot was to produce a pan/stitch photo with movement via slow shutter speeds so that most people would be blurred {to accentuate the large volume of moving people} while keeping the background reasonably sharp. In the end it didn’t really work out like I wanted because I’ve not shot slow hand-held photos for quite some time. At one stage I was very good at it, but like all skills, they need constant practice or they deteriorate. Finally I went with a medium shutter speed, which produced a usable but unsatisfying result.

50mm, f4.5, 1/25sec, ISO100, there are seven photos in this stitch (a 50mm becomes a wide angle with this process)


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