Devils Cut

I have no axe to grind today, so we have a straight commercial shot.

There are two lights being used in this shot. The key light with large soft box was off center on camera left side while a second light with a narrow snoot aimed at the label was on camera right side. The snoot was set at just under a stop brighter than the key light to make the label stand out, while the gold fire-like light at the bottom of the bottle is simply light reflected from the table into the whisky. The blue strip on the bottle’s right side comes from placing a blue book very close to the bottle so that it picked up the colour as a reflection. There were some minor flash highlights that needed to be removed in Photoshop but other than that and a few minor tweaks of the contrast and sharpening it’s pretty much as it came out of the camera.


70-200mm, f6.3, 1/100sec, ISO100. Lighting was two 500watt studio flashes.


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