A red Dress and a Beautiful Young Woman, How Hard Could it Be?

The making of photographs is full of so many pitfalls, many manufactured by photographers themselves, that it’s often impossible to see them during frantic action of a shoot. It’s the instantaneousness of the medium I believe to be partially responsible, and the expectation of getting it all perfect in one sitting.

In an early post I explained that an errant hand position spoilt the picture, to which a reply came back with the hand Photoshopped out. The resolution seemed so simple, but it wasn’t because the lack of the hand unbalanced the picture even more.

The model in this picture is very slim, so much so that the dress, which was supposed to be the center of attention, hung down without doing very much visually. An attractive young woman and a red dress sounds like a recipe for success, but it’s not, the model requires careful placement to extract the best of both, which is why she was sat on the floor. This pose exaggerates the curvature of her figure as well as the soft figure-hugging nature of the fabric.

The only problem is a slight red reflection from the dress onto the arm that’s proving troublesome to remove without altering the colour of the dress, but as the picture isn’t destined for a magazine, I doubt it will become an issue, and if it does, a little more work will get it done


The lighting was a large 1.8meter parabolic umbrella at two o’clock on camera right side, and a silver reflector on camera left pushing light into her face. I possibly should have used a light to rim her hair on camera right, but it was late in the day, there were other dresses to shoot and we were all a bit weary.

70-200mm, f10, 1/125sec, ISO125.


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