A Little Weary of all These Rules

I’m a little bemused by the authorities’ lack of understanding of the irony in many rules bureaucrats think up.

At the Helmut Newton Stiftung photography is forbidden, even with phones or whatever device is your weapon of choice. Giving this a little thought I was sure it must have occurred to somebody that Helmut Newton made his career by breaking rules, was exiled from Germany because of racial rules, and wasn’t very good at playing within the rules. And now we have this museum dedicated to his work, which is laden with all the traditional rules that apply to museums of antiquity – well not the Pergamon, there they don’t care.

It can’t be that they are afraid of you copying his work, after all it would be far easier to scan a page from one of his many books, so why the anal insistence on no photographs?
I am sure that there is a good reason, although no one has been able to explain it to me.

Regardless, I shot his picture and all that could be done by the guard who admonished me was I was told I wasn’t allowed to do what I had just done, which makes the rule sort of pointless if no punishment is attached.

Sad when you think about it, a rambunctious perfectionist who trod his own path has become an official fossil.

One wonders if he would be happy with his legacy.

Fame, it has more facets than are readily visible when you seek for it, so be careful of what you want, you just may get it.


24mm, f7.1, 1/30sec, ISO2500.


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