I’d been to the Springer Gallery to see the current Joel Meyerowitz exhibition and it being a warm evening, I decided to take a wander down Berlins Kurfürstdamn to see what was photographically on offer.

I noticed this carload of boys on their second lap up the strip, cruising the streets ogling young women walking on the sidewalk, a scene played out a thousand times every weekend in cities all around the world. Boys out hunting in cars, it’s almost a right of passage ritual in some cities where car jockeys endlessly chuck laps looking for whatever the evening brings, which is usually very little, as young women are rarely aroused by a loud sounding car, at least that was my experience as a youth.

The shot was simple enough. Pan while turning from the waist in a smooth motion and utilize a slow shutter speed for the speed lines, you see photographers doing all the time at sports events.

50mm, f4, 1/8sec, ISO320.



3 thoughts on “Prowling

  1. There is more about this image: the boys are too young to drive a car like this, like with formular one pilots you can’t be sure, who actually is in the driving seat, boy or machine? A lovely metaphore – hormons racing through their system like gasoline through the motor.
    The round young faces are also in stark contrast to the clean crispness of the machine. It’s good.


    1. if you look closely at the car you can see that the lic plate is 1995, which makes the driver about 19, and who knows who is okaying for the car and second hand with payments?
      I did the same when I was young. the older guy who owned the car was usually a dork, and the rest of us idiots


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