Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Staying with Joel Meyerowitz exhibition for a little longer I have to admit I am a creature who does like to copy the style of the masters, although I have to admit I soon weary of copying and move onto something else. Nevertheless for the short period I’m enraptured I enjoy seeing the world in the style of a photographer whose work I admire. I then like to take the style and suffuse it with a little bit of me

Also, I read that Meyerowitz was heavily influenced by his one-year trip to the continent back in the late 1970’s and if you look at his work from this period it is easy to see the difference between the American pictures and his European images. In America it was up close and personal, but in Europe it was a distanced discreet look. I noticed the same in Robert Frank’s and William Kline’s work. My guess for this is that people on the continent are more protective of their personal space and the laws prohibit surreptitiously photographing people, so they are less welcoming of the man with the camera.

But maybe the distancing and introspection was a good thing because it was in this point that he made the decision to work in exclusively colour and moved to the large format camera for which he became truly famous.

Where does this sort of thinking lead, nowhere really, but I find these sorts of details very interesting.


I wanted a large depth of field so that the interior and exterior were in focus.


50mm, f22, 1/20, ISO 320.


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