Art, Wine and Entertainment

September is the beginning of what is commonly called the gallery season in Berlin. Over the summer months Berlin experiences a mass influx of tourists and a mass exodus of locals. After the end of the school holidays the city once again gets down to the serious (only kidding) business of doing business in both, the fashion and art industry.

I like visiting little galleries and usually try to find the time once a week to stroll through Mitte and check out a few.

An interesting story from one visited last week involved the theft of a painting from the front room of a small but expensive gallery while the gallery owner was talking to a couple in the back room. A few of the local shop owners saw the thief walking down the street with the painting and while they thought it unusual for the piece not to be covered no one thought to do anything.

I guess this begs the question, is Berlin such an art-loving city that people will steal to own something they can’t afford?

Tip for new players, if you can get on their mailing lists, the galleries around the Ku’damn serve very good wine and often some nice snacks. Exhibition openings are after all a social event, the real business takes place later when we, the riff raff have moved on.


I found the photo border online, offered for free by some nice people at:


24-70mm, 1/50sec, ISO100.


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