Controlling the Weirdness

I know, I know, I shouldn’t like pictures that make people look really weird, but sometimes I just have to. In my defense I offer the excuse that I can in no way be exploiting the woman in the center of the picture because even she wouldn’t be able to recognize herself in this photo.

Over the last week I have been using slow shutter speeds and extra long exposures for most of my street work, and this is a good example of the odd way some pictures turn out.

The reason for using the long exposures can be laid firmly at the feet of a set of experiments I’ve undertaken to use color in an abstract manner. The principle part of the idea is to create blocks or rather blobs of colour that alter the reality of the image in some discernible manner so that it distances the photo from any real representation of reality.

At the moment the pictures are more pretty than interesting, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s entertaining to experiment with both old and new techniques, which when coupled to the better technical understanding that results from lots of practice, produces manageable, even partially controllable distortions.


28mm, f10, 1/10sec, ISO100


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