You Never Know, but You Can Plan

I thought I would stay with the theme of shooting pictures to use later in stories, because a major benefit of this concept is that everything you shoot has future potential, which totally nullifies the angst many photographers have about what will become of the pictures they take and why they even bother.

It also creates a world of opportunities to make pictures of motifs and situations that wouldn’t otherwise be required for my visual lexicon. Because of this mind set I find I am always looking for pictures that have some ability to fit into a story somewhere, although I have no idea what the story will be. The need to take photographs is justified by the mantra you just never know what you are going to need. With my previous books and stories I’ve always found that when it comes time to tell the story I’m missing a vital ingredient/picture needed to move the narrative forward and as it’s usually a few years later, rectifying the problem is extremely difficult.

Now, in the brave new world of the digital age, there is absolutely no excuse for not pulling out the camera and shooting a picture if any the scene makes an impression on your mind. The only caveat I have with this line of thinking is that you must have a very good filing system; otherwise things will get unwieldy and pictures un-findable very fast.


Fujifilm X20 camera, f11, 1/10sec, ISO100


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