Relativity and Rain

Everything is relative; this is both an easy truism and an indelible fact.

Lately I’ve found myself complaining about the weather in Berlin, whereas while in Indonesia, I was stoic and resolved, but it doesn’t take a genius to see why. In Berlin if it’s raining I need to think about whether to take an umbrella or wear some sort of protection if I wish to move around outside. It’s irritating, but manageable and so I grumble and complain. Whereas in in Indonesia, when the heavens opened up, escape from the rain was the only common sense option and complaining  served simply to make you look stupid.

For this picture to be a reality it took less than ten minutes of rain to turn a torpidly shallow meandering stream of brackish water into a raging torrent that would drown anybody unlucky to be caught in it. Now that’s rain with a capital R.

It was the blue umbrella that caught my eye and put a little colour contrast into an otherwise dull scene.


Canon G12, f2.8, 1/100, ISO400


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