Find the Celebrity

I am simply not in the celebrity-noticing loop, which I guess is due to not watching TV.


Today I was at Potsdamer Platz shooting some pictures when I noticed this rather elaborate red carpet strung along the path in front of the Ritz, and a little further along, a black and silver stage with larger than life size golden Bambi, people with microphones and a sound crew. All this hardware  was obviously for a presentation being sponsored by Schwarzkopf and as I was there and it looked photo reportage interesting, I shot a few frames. But even now, much later in the day and after searching the net for information I’ve not been able to find out what it was all about. The net tells me that there was a Schwarzkopf red carpet walk for the Bambi awards in 2012, and that the awards have had some very prestigious winners, but that’s it.

The women in the photo later got down on their knees on the red carpet while reporters shot photos of them centered around what appeared to be a Schwarzkopf motif, so one of them must be important.

Ladies, I know it’s high fashion, but the super high heal shoes these women were wearing bordered on the crazy dangerous, which makes me wonder if they weren’t getting recognition for fashion bravery.


I was shooting movement elsewhere and just passing when I took this picture, which is why there is a high f-number and a slow shutter speed.


27-70mm, f11, 1/13sec, ISO100


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