Just the Right Amount of Blur

Blurred pictures are easy to do, even today with image stabilizers, and high ISOs, in fact they are so easy to do that people don’t like them. But I was looking through a Vogue magazine while waiting for the dentist do create pain and havoc in my mouth when I noticed one of the high end fashion labels (I forget which one) has begun to use slightly blurred pictures as a signature look.

Blurr, I’ve been doing blurry pictures for a while now and what I’ve found is that although blur is easy to do, doing it well is very difficult. To have a good idea of what will happen with long exposures requires lots and lots of practice, otherwise the pictures end up a soupy mass that you have to work hard to convince yourself it’s what you wanted.


To get an effect like this picture you need to pan with the subject’s movement and have a very slow shutter speed. A little jerk of the camera during the exposure can also do wonders in some situations.


24-70mm, f22, 1/10sec, ISO100


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