Metaphorical Urban Landscape

This last week I have been celebrating the joys of fall and the natural world in all its wonder, and while today was a beautiful sunny (although not very warm) day, it is the return of the urban landscape.

I like this image because the poles are easy metaphors for the man-made forests so abundant around the world today. I’m not complaining about the managed forest industry, because without the woodchip industry where would we get Ikea furniture and political billboards? Sustainable forests I see as one of the biggest conundrums in the world today. They are the source of stylish affordable furniture, packaging, and a myriad of other products that make life more enjoyable. They are also responsible for an ocean of waste that’s doing nobody any good.

When we moved back to Germany we needed to buy furniture and everything we bought came securely wrapped in cardboard, of which wood pulp is an integral ingredient, along with chemicals and other fiber sources. I was outraged at the waste, but there was no alternative because that’s how things are transported around the global village.

Would I pay more if the option to do without was there? Yes I think I would, but the cynic in me laughs at this naivety. Because we all know that the company would deliver my order to the store in cardboard, were the offending wood waste would be removed, before it was delivered to my home. So I would be paying to have someone else take care of my problem, which is where the problem began.

I still think we live in a world of wonder, but I worry that it might not be so wonderful a couple of generations from now.


Fuji X20 f2.5, 1/25sec, ISO400.


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