Street style with Irony and Social Commentary, a 50’s Thing

Today Yahoo, all knowing as it is, thought I might like to see old pictures of fashion from around the 1920s (, which I must admit, I did find passably interesting; but I wondered why they didn’t clean up the pictures. Authenticity, I suppose, although I doubt anyone would actually question the veracity of the photos, but you never know. While idly looking at the fashions of the time I remembered I had also once shot some pictures at the horse races in Perth, Western Australia, back in the 1990s. This was when I was heavily influenced by a style attributed to an eclectic group from the 1950s (Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Saul Leiter, Louis Faurer, William Klein and Ted Croner amongst others) who were later called the New York School.

Irony was important, as was social commentary and especially when it contrasted lifestyles and attitudes, which this photograph does.

The picture is nearly twenty years old and what surprised me when going through the negatives from the day was how similar the clothes are to those being worn today. Gadgets are not in evidence, but other than that the picture could have been shot yesterday.


The film is Kodak Tri-X 400ASA, and the camera would have been a Canon A1, which is all the technical data I can give.


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