Bottling Style

Today it’s all about found objects and a fondness for style.

I was out doing my morning walk when I saw this discarded Afri Bottle, which is not something one often sees as it seems those who drink Afri like to return the bottle for the refund, but, I digress. The style of this bottle has always appealed to me, and although the taste of the ‘cola’ in the bottle is not one of my favorites the design people have done a great job as I am often inclined to buy a bottle just to hold it in my hand.

Today’s brief was to make a photograph that went some way to applaud the beauty of the packaging without referencing the product in any overt way. In the end a compromise was the best result, which is often the case.

The final picture was a result of a little experimentation with both the lighting and the post processing.

The bottle was lit in a traditional manner with one light at the front and the other at the back. Two pieces of black board on either side of the bottle were used to outline the form. This set- up gave a nice even light over the picture with good rim lines, but it was a little staid. The final picture has the key light punching light into the white wall that is the background, while the second light, powered right down, was less the 50 centimeters distant from the bottle on camera right side. This combination leaves the background slightly darker on camera right as well as adding a white stripe to the bottle on camera right. I feel this makes the picture more interesting by lifting the flaws in the glass, which – to my mind – gives the glass that little extra weight which is another feature of the real bottle that I enjoy.

The picture was later processed to reduce the pure white background and lift detail.

I will reiterate my mantra: if you start with a perfect exposure you can take an image anywhere you like, in opposition to not doing it correctly and using Photoshop to rescue the picture.

70-200mm, f8, 1/125sec, ISO100


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