Hi Liang, good to hear from you. See you in Berlin!


Berlin is one of those cities that look great at night, and is a delight to photograph. The late coming winter is in some ways a good thing as I can wander the streets in the evening without the constant need for alcohol to keep me warm. On the downside it isn’t cold enough to fully enjoy a hot glass of Gluehwein (mulled wine) as a welcome relief from the cold. But I am patient and the weather is sure to turn cold and stay cold long enough for me to welcome the warmer days of spring.

But commerce is unstoppable and the Christmas markets are popping up all over despite it only being November and not being as cold as one would expect this time of year.

Today’s picture was taken at Alexanderplatz, which is one of the most famous or should I say notorious Plätze in Berlin.

Fassbinder made movies about it and hundreds of books have been written about it.

Today it’s a shopping stop. Gone are the criminals and squalor, or almost. The police maintain a highly visible presence around the square due primarily to the high tourist concentration and if you stop and spend a couple of hours looking, the sharks begin to become noticeable.

But what can you do, everybody has to earn a living.


Fujifilm X20, f2.2, 1/8sec, ISO320, with film simulation set to Velvia.


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