Cold and Miserable in Berlin

Berlin: Thursday, 20th Nov 2014 was cold and miserable and the streets were not a great place to take interesting pictures. Helmet Newton once said that the skies of Berlin had a silvery sheen, with light much the same as having a large light tent. It’s true that photographing people on days such as this gives a wonderful soft and even light. But in my humble opinion the city itself is far more photogenic at night.

Today’s picture was shot at 2:30 and as you can see the light is not so great. I had planned to stay out longer but made the mistake of underdressing for the cold and as a consequence I was driven home before darkness fell.

What can I say, it’s not possible to get good pictures every day, because when the photographic gods are not smiling on you, the best place is at home with a good book.


50mm, F8, 1/50sec, ISO 160.


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