A Problem of Development

And still the saga of developing film in the bathroom continues. What seemed like a fault with the film in yesterday’s blog was in fact operator error. A result of over-confidence and blind stupidity. The crazing (for want of another word) is in fact the result of a little thing called reticulation, which is caused when the temperatures change dramatically during development.  Now I’m not that stupid that I didn’t make sure all the water temperatures for were all 20degrees, but I am lazily idle enough not to check the fixer temperature before pouring it into the development tank. And the fixer, as it turned out was 4 degrees colder, because it had been stored in another  room and 4 degrees is enough to cause reticulation.


On the upside, this picture seems to benefit from the flaws. I would be radically bending the truth if I claimed to remember shooting it, but the theme I do remember, because around that time I was shooting some conceptual pictures in reaction to the reports of prisoner abuses in Guantanamo Bay, Extraordinary Rendition, and the Torture Memo’s, all of which were assaulting the public consciousness during the Bush administration in 2006. It is clear in my mind that this was when the photo was shot because a picture I produced on the subject later won a Berlin Photography prize, and I tend to remember my few successes while forgetting the legion of failures.

As an aside, the picture that won was a composite made with a digital camera.

It was also the subtle beginning of my move from film to digital.


Bronica SQA, 50mm wide angle, ISO400, Developed in Adonal; 1/50


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