Contemplating Infinity

I just like this picture and almost always have. I say almost because while it was a simple negative it was ignominiously overlooked and never printed. The negative is more than a little underexposed so it was always very dark on the proof sheet and consequently continually passed over. Then for some unknown reason it became important to digitize the negatives on either side of this picture and it came into being by default.

I’m not sure what happened to the pictures from the negs on either side of it, but this picture has stayed as one of my favorites for some time.

I’ve had to fall back to saved resources because time is a premium at the moment as I navigate the shoals of arranging high quality printing for my analogue project as well as the myriad other minor things that this time of the year throws up. And it’s of that rare contemplative downtime that this image nostalgically reminds me.

The shot was taken with an old bellow lens camera with which I play on the very rare odd occasion, and as I seem to be creeping languidly back to the past, I think the picture suits my current temperament.


The camera is an old Beire Precisa with a 6×4.5 insert, and a f3.5 75mm non coated lens. Focus is done by measuring the distance from the camera to the subject and selecting the approximate meterage on the focus ring. The negative border was made by scanning the filmstrip on the reflective option instead of using the scanners negative head. The image was then cut into the border during post processing. This only sounds complicated, in reality it’s a simple but effective process.


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