A Cold Wet Weary Morning

Berliners today awoke to a cold, wet weary morning, and the weather bureau promised it would get worse. Sadly, the meteorological reporters at Radio Berlin only get it right when it’s obvious to everybody that the weather is shitty and going to stay that way. What we want is a promise that the sun will force its way through and brighten up the world. It’s ok, we know it’ll never happen, that the powers that be have no idea, but that doesn’t matter, because it could get better, the sun could come out. Except, it won’t so I think I should ignore the weather and concentrate on what‘s important, the question of what book to read next.


The picture was shot this morning in Berlin Tiergarten and while the picture exaggerates the dullness of the day, I’m ok with that because it’s a photograph’s job to stretch the limits of truth.


FujiFilm X20, f2.2,1/40sec, ISO320


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