Change is great, I love it, but for some things, Continuity is soo much more Comforting

I don’t eat out at expensive restaurants very often because they are expensive, but the 12 Apostles at Savignyplatz holds special memories for me from a long time ago, and on rare occasions we take the plunge to saunter into the plush surroundings to sample their fare.

A late lunch pizza was the plan, because their pizzas are very good, but not cheap. Here’s the rub: business people, who eat out on the company dollar, have a real advantage because as it turns out, the business lunch specials  are almost half the price of a meal after 4 o’clock. This makes the lunch time pizza at the 12 Apostles the same price as the average Trattoria in Kreuzburg, but with atmosphere to burn.

It seems the tourists as well as the business folk know all about it, but not me, I usually pay full fare, or I did, until today.

I love the ambience of this place, it has the sort of history embedded into the walls that takes decades to acquire. It was old when I arrived in Berlin in 1998, and will be serving the local gentry a long time after I’ve departed.

Change is great, I love it, but for some things, continuity is soo much more comforting.


28mm, f3.5, 1/15sec, ISO400


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