Traditional Purist Photographer Wandering into the Future

The short days and long nights are not conducive to wandering about shooting pictures, despite what I’ve written previously about the early darkness being good for taking photos, because a body needs to get out into the cold windy world to shoot street work.

All ideas I’ve had for studio pictures, where its warm and cosy have died quietly or have been shuffled off into the too hard or boring basket.

This leaves recycling older pictures as the go-to-option, which on occasion can be entertaining, interesting or enlightening. When I have loose down time I often watch Photoshop lessons via video on YouTube. I know, boring, but I’m that sort of person.

The results of a few of these lessons  is where todays picture comes from.

Recently I’ve been playing with textures and multiple colour layers, but generally failing to produce anything worth the effort of learning. But with diligence and constant practice, eventually the lessons begin to congeal into some sort of knowledge, resulting finally in something to like, and I like this image.

To be fair, the original photograph is not a bad picture, but it lacks the look at me component of this image. This image has long ago stopped being a photograph in the true sense and has become a image/picture, whatever that statement means, or if it’s even relevant in the modern world.

I find with adding textures to the image I have a slightly better chance of shifting the meaning of the picture away from the conventional, which opens up creative avenues for making pictures­­­.

If I’m starting to sound wonky and over technical it’s because what I think about while making these sorts of images doesn’t have a concrete base, for at heart I am a traditional purist photographer.

But change happens so fast now that trying to slow it would be like stopping the tides, which as King Canute succinctly demonstrated 800 years ago, obey their own inner rhythm regardless of man.

Yep, I get all goose bumpy when I think of what making pictures might be like in ten years time.


The original; FujiFilm X20, f6.4, 1/250, ISO400


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