Notice the Round Corners

Walking around Bahnhof Zoo this morning I noticed the huge sign for the new megamall The Mall of Berlin, which started me wondering about my predisposition to make old images with new technology. I’m a great believer in the power of advertising, which means there must’ve been a drift towards nostalgic advertising imagery in Berlin recently that has impacted my consciousness.

I never claim to be original, more a product of the culture I live in, which suggests old style is the current style and it’s osmosis via advertising that’s influencing me.

To make a long story short, I saw immediately the potential in this picture, and besides, I have a new skill and need to work it a little more. Notice the round corners, they took three watches of the YouTube video and an hour of practice to become second nature, now all I need to do is stop myself rounding the corners on all my pictures.


FujiFilm X20, f2.8, 1/30sec, ISO200


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