Reality, Truth, both are Elusive

While having a chat to a friend and reader of the blog the topic of reality and recent posts on the subject arose. The problem as he saw it with the blog was that visitors to the page never saw what the original picture looked like, so the ideas were a little difficult to agree with because while I knew what to reference in the original photograph, but nobody else did.

I thought it was a valid point, although in relatively  a narrow context.

To right this I’ve posted a composite from the last two posts, the before and after if you will. You’ll notice that the elements on what I wanted to focus, the eyes, the hoody and the sign, were already integral parts of the originals picture, but not graphically interesting enough to be the center of attention. And isn’t that what photography is all about? Getting some ones attention for a short time to explain, to ask a question and on the rare odd occasion, to challenge us?

In the beginning photographs were about truth, it had to be there to be photographed, but that idea didn’t last long.

Reality and truth are much the same thing really, both are elusive.

The medium format borders surrounding the processed images are simple flatbed scans of film, scanned at the highest resolution possible, no special equipment is required.

Tomorrow’s post will be my last until after the Christmas festivities.


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