Monochrome Still Life

Ok, I’m a romantic and like doing still lives, and it seems I’m not alone. While in Düsseldorf over the holidays we went to the Joel Meyerowitz retrospective and he is now doing studio type still lives as age slows him down. Not that he has been doing street photography for some time now, in fact, if I saw things correctly, it’s been a few decades since Joel was out on the streets shooting frames. Naturally, this can be attributed to his move to huge format cameras, which aren’t conducive to the fast action duck and dive of shooting pictures of street photography, although the retrospective mainly featured his early street work.

Today it was my intention to get out there in the streets and shoot pictures with the hard slanting light we had yesterday, but today is a typical grey winter day in Berlin (although as I write the sun has burst through the clouds creating one of those dramatic skylines that are almost impossible to photograph without a great deal of preparation) so I’ve stayed indoors, photographing where it’s warm, because sometimes I find it’s enough to do something beautiful and simple.

The light source is a single 500-watt flash with soft-box off camera left and a white foam board reflector on camera right.


70-200mm, f11, 1/125sec, ISO100


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