Looking for the Yellow Brick Road

At one stage I was heavily influenced by hyper-realist/ precisionist painters such as Jeffery Smart whose urban landscapes are both beautiful and chillingly alien in their geometrically perfect isolation. Although I often try, it is all but impossible to create photographs with the same precision that Smart did. In most of my attempts at precision I get tangled up in Photoshop removing bits of scenery that I think clutter the picture and worrying about minute and insignificant tilts in buildings perspective. Consequently my patience soon runs out and frustration takes hold, which is a major reason why I never tried to paint, instant gratification being my major need.

But today cold precision thinking never stood a chance. The day started badly when my 6D decided it no longer wanted to read the SD card making it all but useless. The only reason I can think of why this might be happening is that a connecter inside the card slot isn’t doing what it should do. This naturally means repairs are needed and who knows where to go in such instances?

I will very soon.

The lesson of the need for second cameras is engraved into this experience. Before I leave for any shoot I check camera batteries, card slot and then fire a frame to ensure all is doing what it is supposed to do and then format the card. I do this because in the past I have accidently gone out without a card or charged battery in the camera, which is embarrassing. But this is the first time with an issue like this, although if you shoot enough frames most of what can go wrong will eventually go wrong, as today aptly demonstrated.

This shot created a little frustration for others, which satisfied my disgruntled mood. To get to my preferred position I needed to stand in the middle of a cul de sac turning point, thereby blocking two turning cars for a few seconds. Not a great inconvenience, but enough to convince the drivers I was a major traffic menace who should be loudly shouted at.

Bad days, it’s what happens.




85mm, f5.6, 1/100sec, ISO100


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