Movie Time

Today was one of those weird days. Early in the morning as I started out on my 45-minute morning constitutional, the sun was out and the lightly cloudy sky was beautifully streaked with red, promising rain a little later.

All those who do morning exercises were out and about.

The joggers were jogging, the dog walkers were walking their dogs and the bikers were running over anybody who wasn’t looking.

25 minutes later a dreary, deadening rain was soaking me through and making my life a misery. The only upside to the rain was that the bikers became significantly less in number, leaving me to slog along through the puddles in relative peace. Then the clouds disappeared and the sun returned, but without any heat. Later the wind began to gust, lifting the wind chill factor, time to desert the streets and seek the warmth of home where I have a plethora of books awaiting my attention.

Sadly my mind won’t focus enough to read at the moment, in fact, it is all I can do to write the blog. My brain has also shut down visually, so no photographs taken today, signifying it’s time to stay with the basics of life and watch more good films, which is what I’ll do.

Saw a great film from China last night called The Shaft. A minimalistic film dialogue-wise, but the cinematography was outstanding.

This shot was part of a series I did with a movement theme that utilized panning with a very slow shutter speed and a wide-angle lens, in contrast to the accepted panning procedure of using a telephoto lens and a approx 1/30 sec shutter speed. But then I was after effect rather than detail.


28mm, f11, 1/5th sec, ISO100


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