Holiday Snaps

After a long night of movies determination and motivation surged through my veins. Inspired, I screwed on the 24mm and set out in the dreary weather to shoot dramatic wide-angle street pictures, but who was I trying to kid. A 24mm needs to be up close and personal to be effective, best used in the street during parades, demonstrations and other public gatherings where a person in close with a camera is more welcome than resented. All attempts today were mediocre and laced with cowardice. I was once again reminded of Asia where it always seemed so easy to get in very, very close.

In contrast to the grey Berlin day I chose a bright sunny day in India for today’s picture. I forget where we were, on the way back from Shimla I think. I still continue to photograph people taking pictures of family and friends because I think it will one day not be something we do with such ease as is presently the case. Mobile phones will replace the family pocket camera in most cases and as they become more advanced I think the posed still picture will be replaced by the all encompassing slow arcing video phone, which means people will want their nearest and dearest to be in action having fun for those at home watching the live stream of your holiday. So I take pictures of what I think will someday be seen nostalgically as a quaint habit of the past, sort of like hand written letters: we know they exist, but there’s no one we know who writes them anymore.


50mm, f4, 1/320sec, ISO100


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