Celestial Dandruff

Maybe it’s old age, but I’m getting nostalgic for last year. By the 23rd of January 2014 we had enough cold weather to freeze the rivers. Snow was all around and the world seemed pure for a while. I know we all complained about the cold, but usually in hushed voices, careful not to upset the elements with our complaints. I was especially careful, as I wanted the snow to remain for as long as possible.

This year we’ve had two days of snow. Not two days and two nights, but two days. The rest of the time it’s been grey, wet and dull.

Last night there was a sprinkle of snow, but not enough to be called a tease, more like celestial dandruff.

This picture was shot on the same date in 2014.

What a difference a year makes.


70-200mm, f8, 1/200sec, ISO400, tripod mounted.


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