I had been to the Australian embassy to arrange a visa for an upcoming holiday and because I had time and the weather was cool but not really cold I walked to Alexanderplatz, a location where I almost always find something to photograph. The place was not busy and I was just shooting some frames when this guy stops in front of the lens, so naturally I shot an informal portrait. As I was taking the picture I thought about yesterday’s post and how small cameras are so less threatening than SLRs that people don’t see them. The title ‘coincidence’ comes from the unlikely coincidences in this picture: Me being there taking a picture, the guy stopping at that precise moment, but where it gets interesting from a coincidence perspective is that he was speaking Spanish to his girlfriend and the locations on the bottom of the world clock in the background are all Spanish speaking countries, and his head is connected to those locations. I know it’s all puff and wind, and the photograph can never possibly explain all the links without the accompanying text but I like to think about them anyway.

I must say that pictures like this one are not accidental as I follow the rule of finding a graphic location and let something move into it, it’s what wildlife photographers generally do.

Still using the X20 in the street and will continue to do so for a while, just to see how it effects my way of seeing and making pictures.


50mm (approx. 35mm equivalent), f5.6, 1/320sec, ISO400.


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