Warsaw Revisited

Back from Warsaw where I once again spent time in the National Museum, which when you think about it is a strange name for the largest art gallery in the city. I say strange because I also went to the National Gallery, which I read had an enormous collection of contemporary art that turned out to be a huge disappointment.

The National Gallery takes about fifteen minutes to circumnavigate and leaves one feeling more than a little underawed. The National Museum on the other hand took two visits, many hours and I felt mentally exhausted from the breadth and variety of work on display.

I like Warsaw; the food is tasty and very inexpensive even in the center of the city and it’s a pleasant city to walk around, even in the winter. We took a suitcase full of warm clothes that were not needed as the weather was almost balmy for this time of year.

In opposition to my usual habit I only took the small FujiFilm X20 with me and although it performed admirably, I doubt I would travel without an SLR again. Good as the X20 is, the larger sensor in the SLRs just does it so much better, especially as most of the time I needed to shoot in low light situations.

Having said that the smaller camera was a lot more convenient, but convenience and good pictures are not necessarily the best of friends.



50mm, f5.6, 1/320sec, ISO100


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