One More Time

With my attention being diverted by trying to work out just how good the new Photoshop challenger is I haven’t shot anything today. However, the day has not been a complete waste of time. Rummaging through the archives I came upon images I’d previously overlooked when doing Unreliable Truths, a book I made a couple of years ago that received overwhelming disinterest by those I showed it to. At the time I was deeply disappointed, but subsequent reviews clearly showed the book needed more work and a little out-of-the-box-thinking.

This I consider is one of the major problem with getting published today. You need a reputation to attract an editor who will fine tune the book, because history loudly tells us that behind almost every good book there is a great editor. I accept that there will always be exceptions to this rule, but that’s just it, they are exceptions.

Regardless, my postproduction skills have exponentially improved over the last few years so I think it’s time to have another go at producing the book, if for no other reason than my own sense of fulfillment.

This picture was shot as the Iraq War began in 2003 and the US and British troops were meeting little resistance. The newspapers were euphoric, but time was against them.

All the pictures from this project were shot with 35mm film from cans with 50 meter long rolls I’d stumbled upon. Being over a year out of date the film was being sold very cheaply, so it was worth the effort to self roll and push process it . The film was developed with Rodinol diluted 50-1, and then pushed one stop to increase contrast because the film was both old and a little fogged. I used a standard 50mm f1.8 lens for the entire project.


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