Accumulating for Times of Need

This is a picture from the book Unreliable Truths, and yes it is a rather bleak image. But then the concept of the book was about the sadness war inflicts upon those who have to live it, which is partly why nobody liked it I guess.

I use this bleakness as a sort of out, to sooth my ego from the rejection, but the truth is personally more debilitating than that. The book was poorly laid out, making it hard to penetrate and it lacked in many other quarters, which was the main reason no one wanted it.

I have a friend who has a small army of people working on his current book, which is great for the ego, and the final product is a well polished article, but in the end we have to stand by the content, which is what the audience is interested in, and lets face it, there are so many boring books out there.

This picture was shot around the year 2000, almost a forewarning of what I would need in the future, which goes to prove the point I made a few months ago about collecting images you may not need today, but will be invaluable tomorrow.

As for the technical details, who knows, it was so long ago, although I can tell you it is the film is medium format Kodak Tri-x 400 and the camera was a Bronica SQA


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