Truth is What Works for you in the Moment

It seems that the more thing change the more they remain the same, which is why I think my story about the beginning of the Iraq war is as relevant today as it was all those years ago.

People some times think that the title Unreliable Truths is a take from Al Gores Inconvenient Trusts, but my title had been a working title for a couple of years before that phrase became a public by word for global warming.

Why the title Unreliable Truths? Because the project began as an unscripted drama, a fictional photo project meant to look like it was real. But reality has a way of upsetting the best-laid plans. The participants began to believe it was real and so the lies began to become truths.

And then came the war and everything became a little unhinged. The mixture was volatile, alcohol, drugs, some very odd aging people desperate to make some sort of mark before plunging into eternity. And then there was the camera, which created a surreal environment. The camera became a recorder not of fictions but events, as personalities grew grotesque and spiralrd out of control, becoming stars in their own melodrama.

Everything changed except the original script, the camera was in control of that.


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