The Potential Inaccuracies of the Instant

If we are to believe the Twitter feeds from the last two days then Berlin Hauptbahnhof has undergone multiple attempts of some sort of dramatic performance, although the reasons for the interruption of train services for a long periods remain unclear.

So lets face it, people like myself often rail against the ten-word news feed of instant messaging because it’s about sensation rather than news, but when what’s happening concerns you directly, you want to know instantly.

Both times that the S-Bahn stopped running these last two days it did effect me directly and I wanted to know what was happening and why, but there was no official response.

Yesterday, when the trains stopped I was one station from my destination, close enough to walk, which is what I did.

For today’s journey, with the S-Bahn not running, to get where I wanted to go meant multiple changes and a diversion entailing travelling half way around the city. So I returned home. I could do the job tomorrow and I had other more pressing things to do rather than wait for the Bahn authorities not to tell me what was going on.

I found out what was happening via a Twitter feed, some woman was climbing around the upper stanchions of the station and apparently the same person who caused yesterday’s shutdown, although who really knows. With news, the truth is a very unsubstantiated fluid thing and with Twitter news it comes without qualification, but then the same can be said of major media news.

Regardless, I sort of know what happened, the official version is something for the nightly talking heads, but I rarely watch them.


This picture was shot at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, but it is a regional train, not an S-Bahn. That doesn’t matter either, though, it’s the picture that’s important.


85mm, f5.6, 1/5sec, ISO100.


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