Picturing Waiting

A book (I know, always the same excuse) and general laziness have been a major inhibitor to creative output today and so it was back into the archives for something to present.

In keeping with the theme of constructed images I thought this one was both, appropriate to where my mind was is at, plus I like the image. The picture was also the lead image for my first exhibition of prints that were the direct result of digital images way back in 2006, so it has nostalgic memories ingrained in it by default.

At the time I was very proud of the picture because it was shot in very difficult lighting conditions and some Photoshop was required to correct the light balance and tidy up the image. Today it would be to both simple produce and the tidying up would be a matter of minutes in contrast to the hours it took in the good old days.

The theme was about waiting to leave with someone who was overdue, and who may or may not arrive. The model, a good friend of mine, also just happened to have the prerequisite period clothes, did a wonderful job of looking sad and abandoned.


As you can also see, the U-Bahn (underground) station also contributes a great deal to the overall pleasing aesthetics of the picture. Berlin may not be the prettiest city in Europe, but it does have some very special locations for the photographer.


50mm, f3.5, 1/8sec, ISO200. The camera was tripod mounted


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