Wide Repetitions

A major problem I currently have is finding pictures of Berlin around 2002-2003 for a project I am doing. I have a large stockpile of negatives, but most are not quite what I want. One would think it’s just a matter of walking around the city and shooting some frames, and wouldn’t it be great if this were true.

The city has undergone massive changes in the last twelve years. The federal government has almost fully repositioned here and the massive influx of tourists and young people from all over the world has completely changed the face of the city and the crane cluttered skyline is proof that this will remain an ongoing thing for many years to come. Although heaving and almost breaking under the strain of the deluge of new denizens, many of the U-Bahn stations have also had cosmetic upgrades, which means finding the inner-city grungy ones from yesteryear is proving more and more difficult.

It was while out looking for the now almost extinct run-down stations that I shot this picture, which I admit is not extraordinary as a single image. However I did wait stoically until all the square boxes held one person, which did required patience. But as you can see the picture can almost be one of those super wide-angle pictures. I didn’t see this at the time because I was concentrating on getting people into boxes. But later, while bored and playing with the image it occurred to me to do this. Not a super fantastic wow-type picture, but interesting enough to make a boring day less so.


FujiFilmX20, 50mm (aprox), f4, 1/10sec, ISO200


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