Shooting Through Windows

While perusing pictures from the past, in this case of the Lion City, I was once again struck by how architecturally photogenic the city is. Almost chocolate box pretty in many instances, it has come a long way in the last 50 years. So far in fact that I read recently that the price of real estate has begun to stretch reality, especially around the bay area.

We will be in Singapore later in the year (which is why I was looking at pictures of Singapore) and I’m eagerly anticipating a few servings of Chicken Rice. And because the city is so easy to photograph as a pretty city, I decided to go with something different, which narrowed my choices a little.

This picture gets the nod because it has a metaphorical message about the dangers of over- building and because it is the result of faults due to doing what most people do when they have an easy-to-operate point and shoot in their hand and see something that would make a good picture. In this case the image is both soft and a little blurry.

The picture was shot with a little Canon G12 on a dark stormy Singapore day. To get the shot I had to shoot through the hotel window, which was foggy because of the humidity on the inside and streaked by rain and grime on the outside.

In my opinion it all works well to deliver a dramatic image, albeit a dystopian gloomy one. But then I tend to like gloomy.


Canon G12, 1/40sec, ISO100


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