My Need for Symmetry

It’s been cold wet windy and nasty here in Berlin over the last few days, but that hasn’t kept your intrepid Photo Addict safe inside, away from the weather. No, braving the wind, rain and cold I set out to fulfill my need for symmetry in a series of urban landscapes.

One of many obvious places in the New Berlin for graphic straight lines is around Hauptbahnhof, where the architectural box theory is reigning in all its awful glory. When approaching the main train station on foot it is blindingly clear that in this vicinity the only curved sweeping lines is this piece of road. Other than this aberration this area is all anally straight lines and hard right-angled corners, all of which serves to be both photographically interesting and to dehumanise the landscape, which is an anomaly, because it is these structures that we humans create that reduce our place in the natural world.

All pictures were shot with the little Fujifilm x20.

F45,1/50sec, ISO100


2 thoughts on “My Need for Symmetry

    1. Yep thats my favourite as well. Strangely most people like some sort of organic style in the landscape but Berlin is currently deeply invested with boring glass and steel boxes that have nothing to say about either those who have commissioned them or the public that must live with them.


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