Building castles in the Sky

I first became interested in photography after it became very clear that I didn’t have the hand to eye coordination needed to make even the most rudimentary of painting. Then I found the camera and began painting with light, so it is no surprise that I find this current obsession with the process of aging pictures extremely interesting.

Besides the original picture, layers upon layers of flaws need to be created (in this picture there are 7 layers of flawed negatives templates) as I slowly build the picture and there’s always the risk becoming overinfatuated with the process to the detriment of the image. it is a slow but asorbing process.  It’s also a process that needs the constant updating of knowledge about pictures from the period if one is to fully master it, in fact it possibly takes more time to do it this way than the conventional method.

But let’s get one thing clear, I’m not trying to copy pictures shot in the past, but use the effect of flaws to make the image more interesting, to direct the viewers’ attention, to subtly layer the story within the picture, and tell my visual tale in a less conventional method than I do now.

Whether I will be able to make it work or not is for others to decide, as for me, it’s the journey that’s the most interesting part.

The link below is for an artist rendition and overview of the Berlin Stadtschloss,and is interesting.

50mm, f7.1, 1/250sec, ISO100, Photo Panorama Stitch of 19 pictures.


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