WeeKs End

To finish off the week I thought I might join the last two weeks together, the process of aging pictures and using an old picture to complete the nostalgia.

This is another painting-with-light picture. Part of a series I did at the time that were met with bored yawns from my compatriots, but I think they have now begun to come into their own because the digital medium has changed the look of photographs and what is possible with post processing.

I remember being bitterly disappointed at the time I produced the series because nobody thought the pictures interesting, but never the less I stayed with the technique for a further three months before moving on to other things.

It must be said that while painting with light produces some very interesting work, the technique can prove limiting. However there are many people who shoot landscapes at night and utilize the technique with great success, but I wanted a more personal and random style of picture, which put me at odds with them and almost everybody else.

Bronica 80mm, Ilford HP5 400asa


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